CEP 812: Integrating Technology Survey and Analysis

As a 21st century teacher we are required to use innovative technology in the classroom to enhance student learning. In CEP 812, I was asked to create a survey that would allow me to collect information about how my colleagues integrate technology into their everyday teaching. My survey was sent to teachers, administrators and supp
ort staff at an American international school in Dubai. The survey focused on these three

  1. What is your current use of technology?
  2. How has technology affected your teaching (positively or negatively)?
  3. What useful professional development for technology would you like to have and how would you like to improve your use of technology in the classroom?

In this analysis I will provide data to help answer the 3 focus questions and solve the wicked problem of rethinking teaching. Both the results and my analysis were sent back to the participants for their reference as well.

You can find the survey here.

*Follow up survey here.6306132745_347e21a6e8_o

You can view the results of the survey here.

*Follow up survey results here.

You can read my analysis here.


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