CEP 811: Final Reflection – Bringing it all together

This is yet another class that went by quickly and yet I learned so much! What stuck with me the most was the idea of taking a step back and letting students explore and draw conclusions on their own. I will be the first person to admit that I like to be in control and have things done a certain way. This carries into my teaching because I hate to see my students fail so I help them…a little too much sometimes. However, while taking CEP 811 I learned that it’s okay to fail as a student.  After exploring, reevaluating and succeeding while I used my Makey Makey kit, I wouldn’t even use the word fail anymore. It’s more of reevaluating, redesigning, redefining, and repurposing than failing. This is the attitude that I can instill in my students.

Another thing that I learned is that there is so much more we can do as teachers to help our students become makers. By allowing them access to technology and other tools, they are able to explore, learn and create things that weren’t possible before. Teachers need to create a classroom environment that has evolved into a maker space that students can call their own.

In learning more about the maker movement, I am now understanding the importance to allow students exploration and creativity. Our world is no longer looking for people who have smarts, but for those that can access information and use it to come up with new ideas. As a teacher it is my job to foster this way of thinking in my students.

As I continue my studies at Michigan State University, I am more and more surprised at how much teaching and learning has evolved since I attended grade school. I love the idea that teachers ARE life-long learners because they need to adapt to our every changing world and the technology that comes with that change. Teachers are learning by doing and then teach their students to learn by doing.

I ended this last school year reading and writing poems with my first graders. Keeping with that spirit, please read my diamante poem titled CEP 811 Reflection. If you aren’t familiar with this type of poem, it’s a poem about 2 subjects, and the middle line shows how they are connected.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 4.18.42 PM

And to show my students’ excitement for the Makey Makey stop motion project, please view the cute video below.


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