CEP 811: #Maker Ed Infographic

When week 6 of CEP 811 came around, I finally found out what those beautiful graphic posters were called….infographics. This week I needed to create an infographic about the maker movement. My infographic is meant to be that 2-minute spiel that you have with someone in an elevator or those 60 seconds you have to convince your future boss that they should hire you. For this reason my infographic focuses on why a teacher should implement maker education as part of their curriculum.


Can’t see my image? Click here for the 7 reasons why teachers should embrace education.


Dougherty, D. (2011, February 2). Dale Dougherty: We are makers. Retrieved May 21, 2015, fromhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlrB6npbwVQ

Halverson, E.R. & Sheridan, K. (2014). The maker movement in education. Harvard Educational Review, 84(4), 495-465. Retrieved from /content/SS15/CEP/811/SS15-CEP-811-733-97EFZZ-EL-14-204/Halverson&Sheridan_MakerMovementinEducation_2014.pdf

Sheridan, K. Halverson, E.R., Litts, B.K., Brahms, L, Jacobs-Priebe, L., & Owens, T. (2014) Learning in the making: A comparative case-study of three maker spaces. Harvard Educational Review, 84(4), 505-565. Retrieved from /content/SS15/CEP/811/SS15-CEP-811-733-97EFZZ-EL-14-204/Sheridanetal_ComparativeCaseStudyofThreeMakerSpaces_2014.pdf


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