CEP 811: Makers Lesson Plan – Makey Makey Kit Gamepad

After 3 weeks of research and exploring in CEP 811, we were finally asked to put what we have learned into practice by writing a lesson plan. Most of my research was about collaborative groups and giving students the opportunity to learn from others and build on their schema.

This lesson gives students the opportunity to collaborate in groups in order to solve a real-world problem. This lesson was designed in using Lee, Chalmers, Vinesh, Yeh and Nason Socio-constructivist conceptual model,” and this model includes, “four thinking and problem solving phases: Connect, Construct, Contemplate and Continue” (p. 186). This model closely resembles the design process taught with Next Generation Science Standards. Students will use technology, specifically a Makey Makey kit and computer, to design a gamepad for Tetris using only materials that can be found in a first grade class room. Students will follow the design process in their collaborative environment in order to achieve their goal.

My students have previously used the design process and Makey Makey kits. If you are planning on using this lesson, an introductory lesson or two may need to be done prior.

For a full view of this lesson click –> here!

For the first stop motion lesson click –> here!

This lesson could also be used for Super Mario.


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