CEP 811: Remixing

During the first week of CEP 811 we explored the topic of the “Maker Movement.”  So what exactly is the maker movement or a maker? In a Ted Talk, Dale Doughty says, “All of us are makers,” and then he goes on to describe makers as, “enthusiasts, they are amateurs, they are people who love doing what they do. They sometimes don’t even know why they are doing it!” Until I heard Doughty describe a maker in this way, I wasn’t even sure that I was a maker. However, in this day and age it is easy to be a maker because of technology that is available. Doughty also says that, “[Makers] want to figure out how things work, they want to get access to it, they want to control it, they want to use it to their own purpose.” So basically, anyone who re-purposes something is maker!

Keeping with the maker movement, my first assignment was to remix a video that depicted my understanding of a maker. Once again I was asked to use a new tool to create this remix. I normally use iMovie to create any type of video and Mozilla Popcorn was a bit of a challenge to get used to. I was constantly deleting pictures and words when I trying to edit other items and I took many, MANY breaks because of frustration. I also used networked learning to figure out some issues I was still having before creating my remix project. Overall, I enjoyed making the remix! Mozilla Popcorn has some really neat features that I wouldn’t be able to use in iMovie. I will continue to play around with the program in order to learn all the ins and outs, but plan on remixing some videos to use in my classroom before summer break.

When I finally got a handle on the program I was able to express my understanding of my own maker-ness, being a teacher.

Teachers are makers of makers!


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One thought on “CEP 811: Remixing

  1. My go to for videos is iMovie as well, but as you said, tinkering with new tools allows exploration and re-purposing for tasks in the classroom that perhaps we wouldn’t have thought about previously. I’m glad you stuck with the project and showed some determination, because this course has a lot of great hands on projects that demand that attitude 🙂


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