CEP 810: Cooking with TPACK

This weeks focus was on tools and how educators need to repurpose them to make them educational. Our task was to have someone choose 1 bowl, 1 plate and a utensil. We then had to complete a task using only those tools.

I work at a technology-driven school. All teachers use technology, but how? For example: many of my colleagues (including myself at times) occasioanlly give students an iPad and have them play a spelling game. This is only integrating technology. What are the students exploring and creating that makes them feel that sense of purpose of that lesson? That is why technology should be innovative, giving students the chance to explore, create and share with others. My first grade team has really been focusing on innovative technology instead of technology to pass time. We have challenged our students to research questions they have and present them in creative ways. For our social studies unit the students searched for pictures, inserted them into an application, added text, exported their poster to my email and presented their findings to the class. As a collaborative team we are getting better at understanding which tools help to make our lessons more meaningful.

Our inspiration this week was Dr. Punya Mishra’s keynote speech. My favorite line that Dr. Mishra said was, “Most technologies are not designed for education. You know they are not designed for educational purposes but, here is the good thing, as users we are always redefining technology.” That couldn’t be said better. Repurpose the tools you have to work for your students educational growth.

Dr. Mashra’s speech is a great representation of where every school should be going. i recommend this video to every educator and administrator out there. It’s a simple, funny, and insightful.


Mishra, Dr. Punya. (2012, March 26). Punya Mishra – Keynote Speaker @ 21st Century Learning Conference – Hong Kong 2012 (Video File). Retrieved From https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=698&v=9bwXYa91fvQ


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