CEP 810: A Quick Thought About my Professional Learning Network (PLN)

Wow! I am finally a twit! (That’s the nickname I called people if they used twitter.) After After creating and posting my PLN using Popplet I explored twitter and Feedly some more. These are sites that I have never used and didn’t include as part of my network. I enjoyed all the educational things I could find on both sites but I still found it rather difficult to filter through it all and follow someone who could consistently provide me with useful information on a daily basis. I know that I will have to play around with it more to find my niche and continue to expand the people/topics to follow.

When I shared with my family that I had to tweet and blog for my course, they mostly rolled their eyes at the fact I was using social networking to learn. I explained to them that, surprising as it may be, using these sites is actually beneficial. It’s interesting how something can start as a simple way of keeping in contact with people and morph into creating opportunities for learning and research.

This all makes me wonder, what is the next up and coming media?


One thought on “CEP 810: A Quick Thought About my Professional Learning Network (PLN)

  1. Blogging is also just a good way to collect, refine, and record your own thoughts. Sometimes I don’t know what I really think about something until I have to put it in writing!


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