CEP 810: Understanding Learning

The way students explore and understand new topics and how teachers choose to engage their students is in a constant state of change and reevaluation. As teachers, we are no longer bound to giving tests based on facts but we encourage our students to explore, compare, evaluate, and connect concepts they have learned every day, week and over the years. For this reason, the way students learn has changed. Teachers are encouraged, and sometimes required, to incorporate inquiry-based lessons using technology that allow students to explore what they know and change or enhance their prior knowledge based on what they learn. So the question remains, how can we help our students learn so they have a greater understanding of topics instead of memorizing facts?

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One thought on “CEP 810: Understanding Learning

  1. I really enjoyed reading your response to this week’s reading assignment. It is helpful to see another teacher’s perspective on the topic as you highlight some points that I did not extract from the reading on my own. I can also relate to your multi-cultural and international instructional setting as I too work in a similar setting in Switzerland.

    The layout of your essay allows the reader to scan through the text with ease and your thoughts are arranged coherently. It is evident to me that you are familiar with and advocate inquiry based learning which Bransford et al. refer to within the text and recommend as an instructional approach that supports metacognation.

    I like the way you cite the text in your work to pain a picture of what role a teacher plays in the classroom as the faciltator of learning and that there is not actually one best instructional method that will accommodate the needs of all of our students.

    In the end you connect your thoughts on the text to the role of technology in the classroom. You are absolutely right when you pose the questions, “how does it (technology) not fit in? It is literally a part of our daily lives and to deny our students the access to that in their learning environment could be detrimental to their future success in the real world.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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